A Nice Place to Relax!

My fella and I took a walk today and decided to check out the new, well sort of new, store at Atlin, The Seahorse, and spent a nice time relaxing over coffee and watching all the tourists from the ship.Too beautiful a day to be inside but will be a great place to people watch on a day when it might be raining and the coffee isn’t bad either.  Dave has done a nice job and his employees were very friendly ! Cookies were great too and still warm from the oven !  Good Job !  :smiley:  Kinda funny though, where the tourist bureau used to be next door was full of people slumped over their laptops, lying all over the floor!  Got the impression, not that much to do here !

He is the owner of Homewrok right? 

Well when I went and had coffee with my Lady, I felt it was comfortable and somewhat relaxed. Enjoying the company and nice conversation but the owner made me feel like he was trying to rush us out . He was probably hoping to replace us to welcome tourists and I must say five bucks for a piece of pizza is a bit much in my wallet .

Haven’t been in there yet but I heard they have a decent selection of gluten-free goods…not many options in this town for that.