A "Lost in Translation" moment

I feel a bit like Scarlet Johanssen’s character in Lost in Translation right now…

I’m sitting in an Internet cafe right now checking e-mail and stuff (my computer’s not working properly), and I had to do an audio double-take about five minutes ago. I wasn’t sure that I was really hearing what I was hearing–a woman’s voice mid-coitus. Someone’s watching a porn flick, in a public Internet cafe, with the volume turned up high enough for anyone to hear.

At ten in the morning.

Now, I’m all for freedom of expression and all that, but come on! Watching porn in a public place where kids sometimes hang out? Makes me wonder if people maybe shouldn’t exercise a little something called “self control”.

Then again, a couple of years ago when I went to buy a calendar, I saw nude calendars being sold right out in the open. We’re talking everything from swimsuit model-type stuff to women bathing nude in hot springs, right up to full-blown bondage calendars.

And what was on the partition facing across from them? Children’s calendars.

Yes, I need to rant today.

Hey, is it just a Japanese stereotype or does everybody take photos of everything? If so, you should have a photoblog! I’d love to see photos of this stuff.

Well, I did put a bunch of pix up in the image gallery in here. I actually have a camera on my cell phone and I could probably do it that way easily enough. I’ll let you know when I have something worth showing.

Worth showing? Since when was that a condition of having a photo blog?



No kidding. I know I’ve contributed significantly to mankind with my numerous photos of my dog.

I’d be interested in knowing what people would like to see in a photo blog. I figure samples of “Engrish” would be well received, as well as things unique to Japan such as cityscapes or historical/cultural places like shrines and temples. Is there anything else that anyone would particularly like to see?

Hey, you can set your cameraphone to automagically post to a flickr.com account, that would be cool. We could also set the little photo block on HTMF to show your latest photo too…

Ah the photoblog is about what you want to show, not what somebody else wants to see.

Exactly… Who can say what one person or another would find interesting. Frankly I’ve never been over there, and most likely won’t, so just about anything would be interesting to me in one way or another.

Hell… you could almost devote a whole site to the “Ruperites away from home” theme.