A hunting they would go and they’ll be carrying bows

As reviewed a few weeks ago on this very blog, a group of local bow hunters are seeking permission from Prince Rupert City Council to conduct a hunt of wolves and the deer that attract them inside the city limits.

By removing a source of food for the current stalkers of the wild, its thought that the wolves would then perhaps move on to greener pastures and become less of a threat to local residents.

The group gave a presentation to City Council on Monday evening, outlining their plans and providing letters of support from a number of local archery groups as well as the provincial body that oversees the sport.

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letter I received from Mayor Herb Pond and fellow Councilors can be found here .


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your experience. I’ve copied this to Council and to key staff.

    At this time Council has given no thought to a wolf cull, or to bow hunting. The presentation from COS was for information only, and as you rightly point out, while a wolf cull was included as an option in the report, it was not spoken of very favourably. They did seem to speak more positively about reducing all food sources on the island including deer.

    My sense is that the presentation from COS reduced support for a wolf cull and increased interest in attempting solutions more along the lines that you describe.

    Thanks, again. H

    Gord; Sounds like we have a resident expert who could be a great help to staff in formulating any program. H

I think this is an unexplored revenue stream for our city.
The city could charge a fee for the priviledge of lurking through the backyards of PR hunting the mighty beasts.

This just plain Bullshit, letting a bunch of yahoos go into our community or on the outskirts with f/n bows. Next it will be wolf, eagles and stray cats. I do not see any problem with the beautiful sight of a group of deer. I am really questioning city council if they even consider  this bullshit idea. Why not put a Bounty on the dealers who are putting out hard drugs and hittng on our children. This gets me so fired up that it makes me really consider throwing the hat in come November get rid of these clowns.

Trying to go back in time if, that was the way things used to be, for the natives, back in the day before contact, (although looking at my pic, you’d never know I am tsimsian)
  Anyway,  From the stories of the elders, we never came across one, about Hunting wolves, The wolf are a part of our history, they are one of our clans, Raven, killerwhale, Eagle, Wolf.

As far as I know, it will not benefit anyone to cull any animals, we need animals to ensure that the animal life cycle continues, Ten years from now, we will be saying " I can remember when Deer used to come into our back yard and our sons and daughters used to throw apples and carrots at them and they used to not be afraid of man, now Deer no longer come because of “The Cull”

  I sure don’t want to have to say that.

Any Councilors looking at my words: take heed, think about the tourists, that never seen deer then are able to take pictures of them,  I don’t know of any other town in B.C. where you can walk by just feet away from deer.

We have been doing ok so far, why spoil a good thing, I know the wolves are hunters, They are also territorial, if another species of canine come into it, they must ward them off, so they can maintain family life. So residents should know where their territories are, if need be ask Astrothug, he will let you know, he has a site called www.Kaienislandwolves.com

  I come from the Wolf tribe, it would be a shame on these so called hunters if they cull wolves, These are my feelings and my comments, Shame Shame Shame, Stop the Cull!

Thank you for the kind words, my friend. You’re so right about the wolves and the deer. The wolves are not living in town, they do come into town and unfortunate as it is a dog or two have been killed. People we are talking about 2 dogs that have been killed and one dog that was injured, All because wolves are territorial.  It is unfortunate that this pack is so close to town, but if it was not this pack it would be another pack.
Wolves have been here on the island for as long as there were people and most likely before that, there is a rich oral history with the first nation’s people. We can learn a lot about wolves and their behaviors from the people who lived with and beside wolves. I know Bella Bella is working closely with wolf biologist’s there is a new wolf documentary coming out soon “ Secrets of the Coast Wolf Seasonâ€

I feel that bow hunting deer on the island is a reasonable idea.  Many people hunt deer for sustainance.  Allowing these people to hunt with bows only would not only feed their families but may help to solve a problem.  This may be the best option as deer would be used as food and no cull of wolves.  It’s not as if you’d see bowhunters in McClymont Park.  They’d have to be outside of town.

Yeah and while they are at it, why not fix the cat problem, and I don’t much like all the pidgeons around my place lately, and if they happen top see a dog sh!tting anywhere you could add them to the list too.
Mmmmm…deer soup!

I like the idea of a small deer hunt done by bow on the islands ouskirts.  And an even better idea is the culling of feral cats. 
I had a neighbour who put out cat traps in the hood as another neighbour had up wards of 8 cats.  The cats were shtting an pissing EVERYWHERE!!!..well maybe I should keep my mouth shut as the rodent population seems to be down.