A hockey camp where two a days might be asking a little much

Controversial hockey camp opens up in Regina, Saskatchewan…

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Its about time they started teaching the younger players to fight. When I played, we had 2 inforcers from the WHL come down and teach us Bantams, who were going on to play Jr. Hockey, how to fight. They do the same thing with body checking, teaching you how to hit hard and clean, and how to take a hit. Hockey its a sport for sissies. Hockey moms, if you dont want to see your kids get smashed into the boards or get in the odd a scrap, dont put them in hockey. At least send them too Derek and Aaron Boogaard Fighting Camp so they dont get there buts kicked.

I’m not sure if the above is a troll or a real comment but I’ll put in my two cents anyway ( in bits and pieces as I’m still too tired to link everything coherently).

Nothing’s wrong with good clean hockey hits.
Everything’s wrong with hockey fights.

People who like fights say that it’s part of the game.  What exactly does fighting do for the game?
Some say it fires up the team.  A good hard hitting shift with lots of checks and hustle can do the same thing.  ( Remember Scott Stevens?)
Some say it sends a message.  What message?  " We can’t beat you at the game so we’ll try to kick your butt!"  Dumb
If your star player is being harassed, don’t send your enforcer, send your best checkers and get them to hustle hard and open up the play for the skilled players.

Ask yourself when is hockey the most exciting to watch.  I hope your answer is “During the playoffs”.  Then ask yourself if there are many fights during the playoffs.  You will see that the amount of fights is drastically reduced during the post-season.
So the only reason left for having fighting and enforcers is because some fans like it.  In my honest opinion, many of these fans forget the fundamental aspects of the game.

Figthing now isn’t like it was in the old days.  When Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Bobby Hull, Maurice Richard, played, they were their own enforcers. They played hard, scored goals and, if needs be, took care of business.  Guys like the Boogaards never made it to the NHL because they didn’t have the hockey skills.  Teams get enforcers now because they want to “protect” their investments in star players and sure don’t want them to fight.  It’s so contrived it’s smells!

If you want to watch fights, check out Ultimate Fighting, not hockey. 
And please don’t send your kids to hockey fights camp!  They need to learn to skate, handle the puck, pass and most of all, have fun.


I’m not sure if the above is a troll [/quote]

The only troll I know works at the court house.

And to tell you the truth, the coach is guy behind the bench who is really in control. If he dosen’t what someone to fight he will say so. Well most of th time. Hockey fights are used to intimadate teams, to take people of of the game, to get the crowd pumped up. There is lots of reasons. If you dont like the fights watch curling or bowling.

Ouch, hmm, are you a customer or an acquaintance?

Good post Maximo… except for the personal attack on crazymike…I love it when a good fight happens in a game and to see how it changes the tempo of the game.  I have been to several live games across the country, and when the fight starts people arent sitting down covering their eyes!!!, saying this is disgusting.  The real fans of the game stand scream and voice their approval basically they LOVE ITT!!!
Thats why ratings in the states are so low and getting lower because bettman has tried to elimanate fighting.
Theres only 2x in a hockey game I yell for my kids to come watch and its a nucks goal or a fight.
I wonder why curling ratings arent that high…