¿Donde? # 25

OK, Here is my next one. Should be quick if the right questions are asked (as it is often when I post) . I wanted to post an aerial shot but I’ll give this format another try. No geographical question. Hint: Somehow connected to Prince Rupert!


Does the country that this place is in belong/belonged to the British Commonwealth?


Is the structure they are sitting on part of a bridge or dock?

¿Do they speak Spanish here?

I don’t know how it’s connected, but I recognize it. It’s Mandraki Harbor, Rhodes.


Beautiful hoshq! Man I knew it was going to be quick. Have you been there?
This is where the Colossus was supposed to be standing in ancient times.

The Rupert connection is the Rhodos restaurant :wink:

OK, your turn to post a picture.

False trail!!! :wink:

Alright, sorry for the triple post but this is an important matter. hoshq was supposed to post the next picture but he is still sulking somewhere in the Northwest Weekly office.
Since I was the last one that posted, I have decided that it fell upon me to decide what to do. So if anyone wants to post a picture, the floor is open: First come, first serve. As soon as one is posted, this is the one that will be the next game. Any other posted will be deleted by yours truly. You’ll have to earn the right to post the next picture by winning.
Remember that you decide the rules but for those who want to know what are the BigThumb rules, it’s simple: don’t answer direct geographical questions. But the original post author decides what rules they want to use. Hints aren’t necessary but could help to start the game.