A Daily News reporter has gone bye byes?

The contributor to the e-princerupert site has floated the rumour of a reporter from the Daily News quitting after some kind of an “expose” was silenced…

“Today’s story: Prince Rumour:  PRDN reporter quit? Exposé silenced?”


Anyone have the smoking gun on this one, any thoughts as to the “expose”?

I heard whispers of this the other day.  Unfortunately, I’m really new to town, so I didn’t quite catch what they were talking about.


Prince Rumor it is.
I haven’t heard anything yet. But, you never know.

It’s gotta be the city employee’s wife getting hired for a job without it being posted, and the accompanying six figure income.

So who would it be that may have left the premises? These inquiring minds must know this. Please please tell us.


I’m not gonna even peep.  :smiley:

Was a reporter fired?  Or did he or she leave?

What was the story?

If the reporter (or someone who knows the reporter) is reading this:  you’re more than welcome to post your story here.

No need to reply saying “I know what happened, but I’m not going to tell.”  That’s just annoying.

I can’t get the e-princerupert link to open.  What did it say?

It was one of those usual one line things that gets posted on the site… this one said

“Today’s story: Prince Rumour:  PRDN reporter quit? Exposé silenced?”

then nothing ever seems to get followed up on for the most part…

Haven’t heard much about it since I asked the original question when I found the thing posted earlier in the week.

Well we have  a name in the great Daily Snooze reporter has left debate.

Leanne Ritchie according to the editorial in today’s Daily has moved on to other ventures…

Which would account for her absence in the ink stained pages of your daily mailbox filller (when of course it is delivered)\

So now we all need to know the scandal that made her leave I guess…

Still waiting for guesses…

:wink: Why assume a scandal?

Ok to the very first post of the thread…

Because that’s what started this thread, the suggestion on e-princerueprt that a reporter left because an expose was silenced…

ya’ll are far too young for short term memory loss…

Well, seeing as I do know more than my share of people who work at the Daily Snewz.
I very much doubt there was any form of scandal.



Prince Roopert and its roomers. :unamused:

They seem to go through a lot of staff. I doubt there is any scandal attached to it.

There most definitely a bit of a story here.  I don’t know the details, but I heard two reporters from the paper talking about how someone quit because so-and-so wouldn’t print her story.  That’s all the detail I caught.  Now what that reporter wrote about, I don’t know.

Daily Snewz =  Stepping stone to a real newspaper perhaps?  :imp:

You all are horrible. With your rumour mongering.

Just a bunch of hate. Hate hate hate. :unamused:

One thing I do know…is the reporter has high morals and is very ethical.
The snewz would print a story of hers due to the sensitivity and damages it could cause some city staff.

I believe that MCSash, I get my news from other online papers who are not scarred to publish what goes on in our little town.

maybe post a list of those sites?

Geez first Rollins, then McSash, surely ChrisJ can’t be too far behind, it’s like night of the living dead tonight on htmf :imp: