A crack in the door to transparency at City Hall?

“I’m not sure about being on the leading edge, you might be on the leading edge of our own demise, but that’s my own opinion and of course one of my roles here as the mayor is to safeguard the community. But there’s no harm in asking and having a healthy discussion,” – Mayor Jack Mussallem, as quoted in the Northern View, outlining his concerns over a motion to provide more details on closed door sessions of Prince Rupert city council.

Prince Rupert’s city council on Monday night provided for a majority opinion in the quest for a more transparent city council, as council members voted 4 to 2 with one absence, in favour of a plan to provide a bit more information when it comes to the agenda of the closed door sessions.

The closed door conclave, seemingly growing in frequency with this particular council has been a bit of an issue for a while now, the bid to make the municipal government process more open to the community has been a much discussed the goal of councillor Anna Ashley, predating her election to office two years ago.

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It’s ok, well kind of. One more year with this council and hopefully people will get out and vote for people who are actually connected to the community and have a more positive vision for the future. :smile: