A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch

A Comcast Technician Sleeping on my Couch.

We tried to get ADSL into the Band Office here, it was rejected because the address was incorrect. We gave Telus the address in the phone book. It got rejected as service was not available. We informed them we had 3 circuits already working in the outbuildings, and now wanted the main building hooked up. They said it wasn’t available in the main building.
We started the order June 1 so it would be installed before their old backbone was removed on the 30th. On the 15th I ran into the local installer, and he dragged me into the Central Office and started making phone calls (we work with Telus’ largest wholesaler in central BC).
They told him it wasn’t available. He told them he was standing in the CO and it WAS available. They told him the computer says it’s not, so they can’t. He told them he needed to find out how to talk to the guys that setup the database so the computer would say it was. They told him the info wasnt in the machines.

After an hour and a half, ten CSRs later, he got put on hold:
-Estimated wait time is about three minutes. If you wish us to call back say YES
-No fucking way
-Thank you. You will be called in approximately three minutes. If you wish to cancel, say Cancel Callback
-thank you we will call you back in about three minutes.

He smashed the handset, broke the phone over the desk and ripped the lines out of the wall. Gave me his super’s number (tell him that this is what customers go thru) and went home.
Then he calmed down, came back and fixed everything, installed the wiring for the ADSL and got a personal friend in the IT dept to fix the Telus database.
So we called in to restart the order. Service is not available at that address…

It got straightened out Monday when he placed the order for us.