A cheap laptop


i just got mine in the mail, it fucking rules.
all you have to do is look at ads and get points, once you reach 99
they’ll send you a dell laptop.

this isn’t some bullshit spam either.

hahahahaha… i’m at 201 and don’t have a dell.

If you got yours already, why include a referrer in the link? It’s a pyramid scheme, except you pay with referrals, right?

come on mig Let him talk he wants to show us how cool he is with his new shiny Heavy DELL…

sniff sniff do i smell Scam…

no, i just want another one :wink:

are you serious?


are you serious?[/quote]

yes. thats why i’m now dissing you …

while you are at it why not sign up for free sms messaging

or how about a free ipod?

oh i know if you get 1 million people to send me 10 bucks i will give you a million dollars.

Pyramid schemes are fun to blow up.

Does EZdell.com really work? If someone did get a laptop what are the specs? What kind of hard drive?

yeah it does you should join asap