A change of government in Honduras

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya who was arrested by soldiers earlier Sunday, is in Costa Rica and has asked for asylum. Zelaya, an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, had provoked a political crisis after seeking to hold a consultitave vote on constitutional reforms that a court ruled was illegal.

The president fired the armed forces chief of staff last week for refusing to help him organize an unofficial referendum on Sunday on allowing presidents to serve more than a single four-year term


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Ah yes, one gathers that the traditional finger pointing at the US will now begin…

Aside from this incident (trying to stay in power is usually a bad sign), wasn’t he actually pretty good for the Honduras, and the region as a whole?

Maybe summarily, but not without some merit. The United States runs a school which specializes in South American ________.  Called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation or formerly and more favorably called The School of Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia. This school has had some outstanding graduates including, but not limited to, Manuel Noriega, Roberto D Aubuisson,  Luis Posada Carriles, Leopoldo Galtieri, Efraín Ríos Montt, Augusto Pinochet’s officers, the founding members of Los Zetas, Hugo Banzer, General Rafael Humberto Larios, to name but a small few; there are over 60,000 graduates. I urge anyone to Wiki these names and see what kind of human’s these people are. One only has to read some of the manuals that have leaked to the public or hear testimony from past graduates to figure out this isn’t a school you would want to send your kids to. It advocated executions, torture, blackmail, and other such non niceties. Training terrorists since 1946. 

So, again, when people summarily point a finger at the US when there is a South American coup the “tradition” is certainly not without some merit, wouldn’t you agree? 

Hint: lookup Roberto D’Aubuisson aka “Blowtorch Bob”.

A fine graduate of The School of Americas.

Now back to the regular scheduled thread.

Well in this case, the leader seemed to go out of his way to annoy the military, ie: sackikng the General.

In the history of Central and South America that is never really a long term plan for success.

As for the USA, while they probably didnt particularly like the guy due to his affection for the policy initiatives of Hugo Chavez, they probably arent too keen with a military junta adding more unstability to that part of the world, what with all the other little irons in the fire that they have on the go.

More than conspiracy or such, seems it may just be the usual spasms of change that kind of afflict that part of the world.