A cautionary tale for telephone companies everywhere

CityWest may wish to make sure that it’s service is of the highest standard, lest they find themselves in the same dynamic as their friends at Telus, Bell, Rogers and such.

theglobeandmail.com/report-o … le1947330/

Wow. Anyone with an original contract from CityWest still have their copy? We hear alot of “It’s in your contract, under the terms,” and “Bandwidth caps were always in effect.”

Boy oh boy, finally Rupertites may have a leg to stand on. Start saving your bandwidth throughput ratings from SpeedTest.net. Class Action suit from say, 5,000 people?

[quote]“In our view, the suit has no merit,” Mr. Hall said, arguing that it is impossible not to bill for the time it takes to connect a call.

He added that most customers do not end up paying anything extra, since most do not use up all of the air time allowed under their cellphone plans.

“For most of our customers, this is a non-issue,” Mr, Hall said. “A few seconds of set-up time, when they use their plan, isn’t going to affect them. Our plans are generous.”[/quote]

Ahh, the same argument they use about UBB.