A business that's making tracks in British Columbia

The B.C. Chamber Small Business of the Year for 2008 will have a decidedly local imprint this year, as Entire Automotive lays claim to the Chamber’s award for small business across BC.

Considering the number of small businesses across the province and the depth of the competition it’s quite the coup for the local tire and auto repair operation which first opened up in 2004.

Owners Dwayne MacNeill and Bonnie Beal will head off for Whistler later this month to collect their award and share their story of small town success, especially impressive considering the economic troubles of the city during the four years that they have been open…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 4995426716 )-

Well on that positive note and to people who rightfully deserve this recognition. Plus they always have good candy for customers like me. Well done Dwayne and Bonnie… Very community minded as well.

I honestly think that’s the secret to his success.  All that candy makes you think happy thoughts, even when he’s telling you how much tires for your wife’s car will cost :wink:

No, seriously, it’s a great example of how to run a successful local business.  I’ve bought all my tires there.

Yes it was really good to see them recognized for their efforts. A good fair place to shop with good service and straight talk. Hopefully it’s catching and the other local merchants catch on.

congrats to dwayne and bonnie, now if only dwayne was as good a speller as he is at installing tires…cheer Dwayne,