A big problem with a system process called syschost.exe

hi can any one help me a file called syschost.exe runs in my process tray and makes my computer run verry slow it makes the cpu run up to about 70 in the windows task manager.
also i has a pop up box that says cannot create file _winsys00.dll
ive tryed searchin for the file but have had no joy and i have tryed a spy wear searcher and anti virus scan but still found nothing can any one help me thanks.

ctrl-alt-del & kill the process, then run AVG or ProtectorPlus UPDATED. Sounds like a phony process from a virus like bagle, downloader or sasser

www.pspl.com for protector plus, virus writers always forget that one cuz it’s from India

often, when you stop the process svchost, your ciomp will have to reboot. I had that same problem, but that was when there was like 12 svchost.exe running. Right niow there are 4 svchost.exe’s running, i have no speed problems. I reckopn its short for Service Host, so if you are using Kazaa or something like that, it can manipulate svchost.exe to use your computer or a supernode or something. Try Ad Aware.

thanx but its not svchost and i have tryed add aware but it finds nothin.
i was using kazaa and i dl a dodgy file which had loads of files atached like credit card hacking and stuff so i deleted it but this process is really pissing me of i will try that indian programme you were on about herbie

sounds like blaster to me… or sasser or one of those worms i had the same problem thats what it was some stupid worm.

there’s a disgustingly huge pile of trojan downloaders circulating. Has anyone got nailed with a trojan dialer? Lady in the Fort brought her kids comp in and trojan had installed a new dialer. when they went to go on the net it dialed an 800 number in some Caribbean Island location, and of course didn’t connect. They tried again and again. Then the got a phone bill for over $200 for calling that number and Telus told them too **** bad.
She thinks it’s my fault because it came off ‘my internet’ in the first place!

Has happened here in Rupert a few times as well. Except to a small country in Africa I think.

Big $$$ phone bills too. The funny part is that I know of one person that got hit but they have DSL. They left their phone line plugged into their 56k modem even though they had not used it in at least a year but got buggered with the dialer and had an xtra few bucks on their phone bill because of it.

i’m sorry i have to say it. THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO MAC… oh i’m such a switcher…

or a pc running a decent os or a pc with a firewall…

but a lot of things DONT happen with a mac :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea in general idiots dont use them :wink: but there are always a few exceptions to every rule :laughing:

i have no worm iv’e scanned my system with norton all udated and foum nothing damn that syschost.exe

Download AVG!! Norton let me down a few months back. I had three virus’ that norton did not detect!

whats avg

avg antivirus

AVG http://www.grisoft.com use your real e-mail and they’ll send activation code.

or use this one AVG-1-2637675-QTL (rem - CAPS!)

Norton is a bloated pig that can’t find it’s ass in the dark. Look in Task manager and see how many processes it runs! It’s "sposed to check viruses not take over the system. AVG runs 2 processes and is way faster and catches more. Set the Control Center to update every 2 days.

what about a online scan… www.pandasoftware.com i like them best…

most PC viruses (virii?) disable access to panda and housecalls. When i saw the first of the latest gerneration viruses (klez?) I thought “that’s not just a virus, it’s a ****ing resume”

whats a resume

Ask google.