93 Metro Doing it again

Remember like 2 months ago my car wasnt starting, unless i hit somthing beside the cap and rotar. Then like 10 days later every thing worked perfect, even my horn started working again.
Well after 2 or 3 months of not changing anything, my car is doing it again.

I think it has somthing to do with the weather. Like somthing is freezing

Does anything happen when you turn the key to the START position? Like, any clicking noise or anything?

Your lights/radio/accessories all work? (That is, the battery is charged)? Does the horn not work again?

Manual transmission? If so, the starter definitely has a solenoid built right on to it. That would be where you would hear a clicking. Did you actually figure out what part was the starter last time?

Anyhow, here’s a handy dandy diagnostic flow chart for you.


I changed the cap and rotar, still same thing.

When i turn the key, its a slow low powered whine, a little gas and it starts up. The more i start and stop the slower the whine and less power. Eventually havin to beat it and start it.

Ive had three people look at it, and none can find the starter.
I think its got to be the starter, cuase before i replaced my battery, i totaly abused my starter tryin to start my car.

Its not the battery, all lights, cd player all work

Eso, that’s a nifty flowchart for sure. Anymore? Maybe you could start your automotive flowcharts thread.

Someone showed me where the starter was. My car didnt start, so i very lightly tapped the starter. My car started great after that.

Christ your car breaks down more than my talon and you dont even get the pleasure of going fast. :laughing:

Buddy, how did you abuse your starter, if you someone didn’t show you where it was until very recently?

Anyhow, when you tried to start it, did it crank very slowly (like, a wump… wump… wump… rather than a zatzatzatzatzatzatzat), or was it a steady noise?

Anyhow, hesitant cranking sounds more battery related to me than starter. How about another flow-chart?


Is your horn still not working when this haopens?

Last summer when my battery was dying, it would barly have enough juice to start my car, I would turn it over and hold it and press release on the gas petal for minutes at a time, eventually gettin it to run. I did this for about a month before replacing the battery. I figured this would of killed my started.

After work today my car would not start. I can turn all the lights on the stereo and honk all at the same time, and had the fan on to. Tried this for several mintues, and nothing dimmed or failed.

The cap coverin the rotar is brand new, there was a hole in it before. The battery is only a year old, and my car was off the road for 6 months during that time.
Checked all the fuses, connections, full tank of gas, ran the car for 3 hours thinkin it would charge the battery if it was low.

When i turn my car over it sounds like my battery is almost dead. But its not my battery. somtthings not gettin enough power

Definately sounds like your starter is going out… Same thing happened to my truck last year, changed the starter and havent had that problem since.

If the battery is good, and the starter still cranks slowly, then aside from a loose cable/ground, it’s pretty much gotta be the starter.

If you’re really cheap and have a bit of time on your hands, you might just need to replace the brushes in the starter. That’s usually why hitting the starter gets it going: the brushes are worn down enough that their springs don’t hold them quite in contact with the commutator. But if it cranks but very slowly, it could also be internally shorted/grounded/open.

Seriously though, for the $100 or whatever that a reman starter will run you, it’s probably cheap and easy to just throw a new one in and hope it solves your problem.

Gettin one on thursday.
Today I was driving down mc bride and my gas petal got stuck. That was fun