I seen a commercial during the Indy 500 this morning, and if you buy a large slurpy from 7-11 you get a free music download. Does this appy to us in PR?

Heh heh heh. Seen.

Music downloads are free anyway.

But but but you cannot always trust the file.


And you feel comfortable trusting downloads from 711, home of the big gulp?

You can trust the file if you know what you’re doing. Also, you can trust the download if you aren’t using a lameass progam like kazaa.

I trust 7-Eleven with my health.

Man, I love the 7-11 mail service.

I really do.

They are great to me there.

I go in there sometimes with one of those things that say that someone tried to deliver a package to me, and they’ll say, “Oh, does it say that you’re supposed to pick it up tomorrow at one?” (and it’ll be the same day as the attempted delivery), so I’ll say, “Yeah.” and Susie will say, “Well, whatever, I’ll see if it’s here.” and will go and get it for me.

I really dislike Canada Post, but the 7-11 crew seems to get things right. Once a package leaves the stores, it’s a completely different ball game. My last 3 Canada Post deliveries have been upsetting. Purolator all the way.

You know that Purolator is Canada Post, right?


You know that Purolator is Canada Post, right?[/quote]

Huh? no

Yeah. It is.

You and I own Purolator.

Lots of people complain that Canada Post shouldn’t be in the courier business, since they can leverage their first-class mail monopoly. But hey, it makes for great service, and any profit that Purolator makes just goes back into Canada Posts’s pockets.

Like you said, Purolator rocks. And it’s government-owned. Jees, that’s not supposed to happen, is it?

Well, sending things purolator seems to turn out better than Xpress Post. Seriously, my last 3 things shipped by CanadaPost were:

1)A computer that was dropped hard enough to break the front bezel and knock the heatsink off the CPU.

2)A Nintendo memory card that was never again seen or heard of.

3)$100 USR8011 Rebate that never made it to its destination…

Heh 4 I guess

4)From NCIX, a small, banged up package that contained a Quantum HDD. It lasted 2 weeks. This was an RMA product, so maybe it was shipped by someone else before Canada Post delivered it.

Yeah, but like I said, Purolator is Canada post. Often it’s on the same plane, the same truck :wink:

The reason I like Purolator is that the guy will deliver to work if I’m not at home.


With all the stuff I’ve bought online in the last 4 years or so, I think there has only ever been two packages that I haven’t got on time, that could have been even remotely Canada Post’s fault. Nothing has ever come damaged, broken, or wet/dirty.

UPS on the other hand… we deal with them at work and we have at least 4-6 boxes come damaged in a given month. The boxes are super dirty, the edges broken, holes in them, and they generally look like they’ve been beaten around quite a bit. It’s a good thing most of the clothes come in seperate bags, or we would have a lot of damaged merchandise.

I too belive that Purolator rocks. If I’m not home, he delivers our stuff to work, or my mom’s work… and if it’s a small enough package that doesn’t need a signature, he just leaves it outside the door somewhere.

Same with us! I’ll never ship via UPS again. They’re a bunch of idiots. Dangeo.com pretty much lost me as a customer becuase they only ship UPS.

UPS is actually pretty good, if you live in a large city. It sucks because the local UPS agents are idiots.

UPS also sucks at the importing thing. They charge you $25.00 to bring something across the border. Often you end up paying $25.00 just for the honour of paying $0.73 in GST.

Canada Post / Purolator only charges $5.00 for brokerage on small packages.

I sent tons of stuff using Canada Post lately, and they’ve probably got to be my favourite shipper at the moment. XpressPost is usually 2 days from Ontario, with Expedited being about a week from Ontario. I usually get all my stuff from NCIX shipped up with them now too. I’ve never had a damaged package, or anything lost with them.

Also, strange but true, I once got a package from NCIX sent overnight with XpressPost. I dunno how it got here overnight, since the only way to send stuff overnight through BC is with BDC, but it was a good thing. We had a hard drive failure in our webserver, and downtime was minimized to one day.