6th ave east cross walk by PJs

so why is that street such a dangerous street to cross frist I almost get hit abut a month ago now today my 7 yr old neice almost gets hit and they were bot female drivers. The one that just about hit me was an elderly lady. And the one just about hit my neice today was about 30-40 yrs old and she didnt even try to apologize she just kept puttin on her dame lipstick. If I hadnt of pulled my neice back she would of gotten seriously hurt we were at both time in the middle of the cross walk right in the middle of the street. WHATS UP WITH THAT !!!

I always make eye contact with motorists when I’m in a cross walk.  If they don’t immediately acknowledge my presence and slow down I will not step out in front of them.  Watch out for idiot drivers.

I recently saw some dude rolling a cigarette (or something else) while driving…I mean, that has to be worse than a cell phone!!  How would they explain that one to the RCMP if they hit someone??  Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to drive!

  Oh my god, incl. myself at times the drivers in this town are brutal. Always seem to be in a hurry, can’t wait one minute for anything. I mean in little old Prince Rupert if you are always running late, leave 5 min. early. Not to mention the taxi cab stops everyone pulls at stop signs.
  My biggest pet peeve and something that drives me nuts is people kicking there doors open into traffic on 2nd and 3rd ave. I always seem to be dodging them and swerving into the inside lane traffic. No More!, I bought a beater and am going to hold the inside lane, car doors beware.
Essentially if I side swipe someone in the inside lane it is my fault not the ignoramus kicking his door open into traffic. If I rip his/her door off, hopefully not there legs then it is his/her fault.
  As for the cross walk, I agree make eye contact and protect yourself because unfortunately most drivers are so distracted or do not care it is scary. Thanks for the heads up and I will make a concerted effort to pay more attention in cross walks myself. But the car doors are fair game,LOL.

IT’s not only drivers that are idiots in this town. Pedestrians around here are horrible too. Hey lets walk out without looking. My friend did that once so I yelled at her. She said and I’m not making this up: “so, if they hit me, it’s their fault, not mine. Pedestrians have the right of way” She crossed without a cross walk and there were cars coming. People just don’t give a shit.

 Thanks bubba I was going to say it but most have the attitude of your Friend. And I thought I would get lambasted for saying it. I will add that most of the silly pedestrians walk into the crosswalks with there strollers in front too, without looking. Drivers and pedestrians gotta keep there heads on a swivel.

I’m also mystified by this odd pedestrian behaviour here in PR. 
There is no law against stupidity. :smiley:

There is but it’s a law of nature and sometimes certain humans (doctors and paramedics I’m looking at you!) break the law and help the stupid survive.

Each and every two legged users, aka ‘pedestrians’ should take a ‘cross-the-street 101’ in Montreal (Mexico or Paris) where pedestrians are no kings and queens.
While in the Big City, drivers will forever dislodge the stupor out of those dull pedestrian brains.  Result: They will look before crossing the street and don’t take their life for granted…I’ll talk about drivers later.

well I for one am very cautious when I am crossing the street especially when I have litttle ones with me I always hold their hands and remind them to always look both ways before walking. Now I am teaching my little neice and nephew to put your hand out to let the driver know that you want to cross the street but I have also seen the cars ignore them. Drivers drive too fast and dont stop at cross walks when there are ppl standing and waiting. 

well thats good thats what parents are supposed to do.i drive all over the place most pedestrians just seem to walk out whenever they feel like it. \

deers use the crosswalks more than people in this

yes I have seen ppl walking out into the street with out looking both ways just makes me cringe and pray for them that they dont get hurt What are some ppl teaching our children its ok to walk out with out looking both ways!!! not what Im teaching my lil ones thats for sure

Saw a lady cross  3rd Avenue in the middle of the block, walked from between parked cars and was texting!!  Truck had to slam on brakes and she didn’t miss a step, just gave him a dirty look.

It blows my mind the parents who let their little ones run out into parking lots without looking.  Whatever happened to ‘hold my hand’?  A vehicle backing up is not going to see a little person dart out from behind another car.

If you are stopped to let kids cross, especially if they have waited, looked, etc, roll down your window and let them know they are doing it right…doesn’t hurt to reinforce the good stuff.

At which point you will then be the subject of the next RCMP alert and recorded phone call from the School District… :smiley: