6th ave. bridge

Just walked over the 6th Ave bridge. The deck is still all copped up.
Six weeks they said. There have been frequent week days in the past
month or so when there was no work being done at all! Come on city and contractor.

I wonder how many times it’s slipped my mind that the dam thing is out and I try to go that way…

Looks like a long road ahead to repair date …

Yeah, I have done that as well several times. It sure will be nice when the work is done on the bridge.

Be patient. They said it would take roughly 6 weeks and we just hit that this week.

“Please note that the 6th Avenue Bridge will be closed to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic effective Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 at 8:00 am for approximately 6 weeks. The purpose of this closure is to complete the restoration as part of the 2014 Annual Budget. Please forward any issues or concerns directly to City Hall.”

“The Prince Rupert Public Works department says work on the 6th Avenue Bridge should be complete by the first week of September.”


I phoned and emailed city hall asking if they would consider large, obvious signs on McBride warning of the detour. I’m not the only one who forgets from time to time and heads up there. And if it goes on until November as I have heard in the rumor mill it wold be so helpful to have the reminders in place.

Looks like they are ready to pave, but adventure paving is still working on the airport !

Look at my previous post. I even provided a link.

Just an FYI, there is a sign on 5th and McBride that the bridge is out…

thenorthernview.com/news/272 … obile=true

Thanks Crazy Train for letting the writer know that the approximated date to completion
is just being reached this week.
B line and James Brown This is done by contractor and not the city. This is not
the 8th Ave all year project.
Contractors are contractors, they are not magicians so you would think that only a general
assessment could be made on the project until the bridge surface has been removed for further
inspection. Kinda like a Doctor looking at me. You can only see so much from the outside!
As too the signage etc telling people that the bridge is out. We all forget things sometimes,
but if driving too work every day is hampered because you come the West side of town,
on your way to work on the East side blazing across McBride onto 5th,6th,7th,8th, or 9th,
and miss the signage saying the Bridge is Closed. Then maybe you should leave a little earlier,
so you have more time to be aware, or put a post it note on your dash!
New 2 Rupert, our city can’t afford Big Bright Signs so that you remember. I don’t think Rupert
can afford to write more signs on anything! Learn to remember!

Great news! ‘Rumble strip bridge’ is open!

Haven’t driven over the bridge yet…but it certainly has an interesting profile!! Looks like it could rattle the eyeballs right out of a guy!!! Should keep the speed down, though.

thenorthernview.com/news/273 … obile=true

They will have it smooth when the contractor is available.