'64 Easter Quake

Might someone write in on Rupert memories of big Alaska quake, Good Friday, March 27,1964? Damage listed in book, “Pathless Way” by Justin de Goutiere, included broken under-sea cables between city and Digby, broken log booms, and “fish boats were pulled from their moorings and damaged.” Did you feel it?

Did not feel it , saw the tidal surge as it came and went, from the waterfront of course.

A 4.5 ft (1.4 m) wave reached Prince Rupert, British Columbia, just south of the Alaska Panhandle, about three hours after the quake. The tsunami then reached Tofino, on the exposed west coast of Vancouver Island, and traveled up a fjord to hit Port Alberni twice, washing away 55 homes and damaging 375 others. The towns of Hot Springs Cove, Zeballos, and Amai also saw damage. The damage in British Columbia was estimated at $10 million Canadian ($65 million in 2006 Canadian dollars, or $56 million in 2006 U.S. dollars).


I was young but I remember the tidal surges damaging some of the docks and boats at the waterfront. I don’t recall any damage on land but definitely do remember significant damage on the water. I didn’t feel anything.

Thanks for replies, especially Wiki content. Justin de Goutiere flew a charter for CTV from Rupert to Anchorage to report on earthquake. They couldn’t land in Anchorage due to not only ice but thousands of gallons of spilled jet fuel in harbour. They did get the first film of the damage out to the rest of the world, viewed from the air. Quite the story.

I didn’t live here during that 'quake, though had an aunt and uncle in Anchorage. After arriving here in '84 I was regaled with tales of the big rush to the liquor store then to the boats to line them up in the middle of the harbour in deep water.