6 car accident this morning

About 10am, right in front of the bargain store. Photos coming soon.

This SUV, which appears to hardly be damaged…


…caused this…




Wow, that is going to involve ALOT of paperwork. He must have been travelling a fair speed to cause that much damage to the other V’s.

Insurance company is going to like whoever cause this one.

You’ve gotta be one dumb shit to cause an accident like this! And I thought the drivers here were bad!!!

[quote=“Milli Vanilli”]Whatever you do don’t put the blame on you
Blame it on the rain yeah yeah
You can blame it on the rain[/quote]

Good to see J-Bodies heavily represented!

d d d d done son !

Whoa, I can’t believe the SUV did it, it doesn’t look damaged enough to cause something like that. The green car in the rear is completely thrashed.

Meh, I figure either that Civic pulled out infront of the Exploder, or the Exploder hit the civic (parked)… it doens’t take much push cars around like that. In Van, we had some guy hit and run some POS Toyota, which basiclaly squished into a 4 foot length of steel, slid into our Celica and then into the Tracker… About the same damage in the pictures. I don’t recall what the vehicle was… .a Vette or Camaro or something… had minimal damage (like the Exploder). I dont’ think the guy was going any fatser than 50 or 60 km/h when he hit the Toyota, and the damage was far more severe.

They were about to administer an alcohol test when I arrived at the scene.

The Civic crunched because it’s made with alot of plastis and light metal. Good because no rust and its light so the 130 hp engine and drive it. When I got in the right rear passenger door and quaterpanel, damage was minimal because those are two of the few areas that are a decent metal.

When I hit a newer Sunfire with my Sunbird, my car (metal) was practically fine, whereas the Sunfire (plastic) was fucked up.

Hehe, smashing good time.

Sometimes the crumpling and smashing is a good thing, especially in a high-speed crash.

We watched a BMW do 6 flips, end-over-end, outside of Prince George. He was doing more than 100. The guy wasn’t hurt at all. I expected to be fishing a body out, but the cage survived, and the car took all the energy from the crash. Cool stuff.

I’m a fan of the frame mount aftermarket roll cage, personally. Made out of high grade, oversized piping. Along with some five point harnesses. Get into a lot of shit with one of those and walk away.

You know what Prince Rumors is like so take this for what it’s worth but… My dad was downtown after this happened and overhead some people talking. The one lady was talking like she knew what happened and said that the driver had just came from the dentist and something they gave him there caused him to pass out while driving. Some sort of reaction to it.


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Here are the rumours that I have heard:

I also heard the dentist rumour. I’ve also heard that the driver of the Exploder was an accountant, and that he had an unusual name.

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