500 GB SATA 2.5" Drive

I have an extra Hitachi 500 GB SATA 2.5" Drive. Brand new, never opened. Great for upgrading a laptop. It’s like one of these: bit.ly/e1eS1K – I bought a bunch of these for a client project, but didn’t need all of them.


I’m asking $40.00, or $50.00 with an external case (can be used a self-powered USB drive).

It retails for $59.99 on Newegg, plus $10.00 shipping, plus taxes = $78.00 or so. $40.00 is a great price!

I figured I’d give HTMF members a chance before eBaying it. Please e-mail miguel@menino.com if you’re interested.

5400 or 7200 rpm’s


Sold! Thanks guys.

sad face