50% off

Hey Jason, I hid a 50% off EVERYTHING including computer systems coupon on our website  today, and ZERO people came to the shop.
Now I know where they went.
(that’s why I did it, I knew we wouldn’t have more than TWO customers MAX)

Sorry to hear this, im on van island tho :stuck_out_tongue: it was PACKED MAN! i hated every min of it :frowning:


Shit, I would have bought a server off you if it was 50% off!  ha!

Just hold your horses and you may get the chance on many within a few months.

I’m getting a little annoyed at one thing in Linux: it should be simple as hell to set up a simple router, but it isn’t!

Usually just bad UI or human interface design.

I setup some that are just absolute genius works of design.  Then I’ve seen others that were designed by a committee of database managers or something.

Sorry to hear that Herbie. Their loss.