$5.45 on hot drinks at Timmy's on the way there, $25.00 for the tree

Fourty-five minutes of tramping up and down snowy hills, dodging blackberry vines and walking through creeklets while driving your teenage son crazy looking for the perfect Christmas tree at the tree farm??



Ours is perfect in it’s imperfections! 

Ours is 2 ft tall, comes out of the box pre-lit and sits on an end-table.

I win.

We’ve spent the past 19 years going out in the bush to get trees but we’re finding that around here, you really can’t beat the ‘cut your own’ place unless you have more time on your hands than we have lately…it was just sooooo much fun watching our son’s exasperation grow as we kept tramping on,debating about height vs width, only to end up getting a tree about 50 feet away from where we’d parked the truck!


We’ll be out there tomorrow getting ours.
It is fun and a family tradition I don’t want to change.

Bah Humbug!  :smiley:

Oh I know!  Pretty sad huh?  It’s been like that for the last 6 years or so… neither my mom or I can be bothered with Christmas anymore.  :frowning: 

TREE MURDERER!!!    :smiley:

We also Have one of those trees they are the Best No mess and dont have to clean a whole corner to make room either

In environmental terms, fresh cut trees are greener than artificial trees. They are renewable and don’t produce greenhouse gases, artificial trees do.

cbc.ca/canada/british-columb … trees.html

Usually there are permits for cutting your own tree in the newspaper. Havn’t seen it in there yet so I went on the North Coast Forest District’s website and attached the permit for anyone interested.