403 Forbidden?

So I get this 403 Forbidden error message whenever I try to view the site, but it works fine when I view through a proxy.  The site worked for me just fine until earlier yesterday.  Did I do something wrong that would make someone not want me to view the website?

Try deleting your history/cookies, or reinstall firefox

Nope.  There is nothing wrong with your account; you are not banned.  As previously mentioned perhaps try to clear your cookies, history, cache.

Look in your IE - Internet Options - Connections - LAN settings for a proxy.
If you run Windoze it’s gonna use those settings for every program.

I cleared all that and it still didn’t work.  I’m using a proxy website to access the site.  I have to keep changing websites that I use also because after I use one, it gives me the same error.

Seeing your participation in the tvtorrent thread and assuming you are a torrent user, are you running any IP blocker like Peer Guardian? Sometimes this can prevent you from accessing web sites; the lists will block whole networks while only one or two IP’s are the problem. If this is the case there usually is a setting in the IP blocking software which allows http common ports open access.