40 Years since the first walk on the moon

What do you think?

Fake …

More proof of a hoax.

Oh thank you!!  I know right where I’m gonna post that.  I moderate an Indy Car board on a general motorsport forum and the hardcore NASCAR fan rednecks are all in a tither trying to prove that Obama isn’t a Natural Born Citizen as required by our constitution for his office.

This’ll be fun!  :smiley:

btw, the poll choices don’t fit the question.

Yes: fake/real?

No: fake/real?

Yea I am also confused.  :confused:



Maybe!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey you guys, I’ve got a moon rock…Doesn’t that prove they were there, maybe? Possibly?    :smiley:

Only if you’ve got the moon boots to go with it. 

lmao…good find on the vid. 

It is all a hoax American Government Hoax, I still say it was all done in Sudbury Ont. them bare rocks make for good background. Cody Bear where did you get a rock? Someone throw it at you?

  It came with the mood ring…You remember those, don’t ya, Justin Case, from your old hippie days… :smiley:

I can not remember those Mood Rings, I belonged to a group who only dealt with real earthy things and never needed a stupid ring to guide me into any direction. No wonder they made a buck from people like you , you probably still have your dumb pet rock in a kennel.

  Well, the operative word there, Mr. Case would be “remember” and I know what the real earthy things were…Mighty pretty plant though, I must say and a great scent also… :smiley: AND, my pet rock is not dumb, just a little boring but useful, great paper weight and mighty fine security…

Answering the poll would be pandering to the tinfoil hat crowd.
Saw this post on another site by someone who said the landing was real but the pictures were faked, as they obviously didn’t have the technology back then to broadcast tv from the moon.
Yeah that’s why you had to put your hand up to go to the bathroom then. It took 1/2 hour to walk to the school’s outhouse in 1969…
There was this great old mid-1970s BBC series “Connections” that they should force everyone under 30 to watch… where did the shit you use today come from???