3rd master hard disk error

3rd master hard disk error
Can someone out there tell me what this is?
A friend’s computer is showing this…
How or can we remedy it?


Hard Drive could be on its way out, Is it clicking when you power on?

not really… thanks though we do figure that the hard drive is toast…
She is upset she will lose everything on the drive…

you can send your hard drive in to a recovery place, it will cost quite a bit of money, but if the stuff is priceless it will be worth it.
i think its called first recovery.
good luck

If the drive is unreadable, there are people in town that can probably recover the data for you.  Depends how much the data is worth, though.  I can do a few techniques for recovering data, as can others in Rupert.  But it’s probably not worth it unless the stuff on the drive had real value.

throw it a zip lock bag then put into freezer, 10 to 20 min then run it as slave and take the folders you need it off,… works 50% of the time 

Tell her that’s why people say BACK UP… they aren’t saying it just to hear themselves speak.

Great advice,  I often BACK UP from my computer when it is doing such things.  It is to new and costly to have me close enough to smash it to bits.  I find screaming into a pillow helps as well,  the pillow can also double as a device for throwing at the computer, it probably won’t hurt it.