3rd Avenue

Don’t forget people, the lights are now working on the four way stop by the dollar store and cibc. I’ve seen 2 people drive through the red light and heard of others doing the same. Happy holidays and drive safe!

Guilty as charged. :confused:

At around 7:15 this morning I was stopped at the light. I must have had some subconscious moment as I didn’t move right away. When I noticed lights from a car behind me shining in my rearview mirror I was jolted from whatever reverie I was in and feeling stupid about holding up traffic I began to move forward. About halfway through the intersection, the lights changed. My first thought was “the lights are fixed!” not “did I go through a red light?”

When I parked I watched for a few seconds and every car that stopped for the red then went through. Talking to three people in the Gym, two admitted that they hadn’t noticed and must have gone through and a third said she stopped but she also said she saw the green light change to yellow as she approached.

When I left the Gym an hour later, everything appeared to be going smoothly.

And eccentric, I told your mom about my sin. Does she know about yours.

If the red is not blinking, you cannot go unless its green, people need to know the rules of the road, but mostly are in too busy a hurry buying gifts for their family to pay attention, I’ve never seen worse driving in my life, it’s like the streets of india downtown during christmass holidays, for christ sakes people pay attention!

QFT. lol

I saw a few drivers running the red light that evening, and I’m not even sure they did it deliberately or just plain incompetent. =.=

In other news, I saw people attempting to drive into 3rd Street from 3rd Avenue (wrong way)…

The four way stop right up the hill is no fucking better. Wait your god damn turn assholes and there is no need to be a giant douche and gun it through and almost side swipe me with my daughter in the car fuck faces.

Karma’s a bitch isn’t it “Jesus”. LOL …I do feel sorry for your daughter though…


Karma’s a bitch isn’t it “Jesus”. LOL …I do feel sorry for your daughter though…[/quote]

Karma? I will reserve comments until after tomorrow. I dont want any coal.