3 bedroom house for rent sept 1st

3 bedroom house , two and a half bathrooms ,carport , back deck with fenced yard , over 2200 sq feet, good for family, close to schools and golf course . all appliances , non smoking , references required . 950 $ available sept 1st contact jason at 778-688-8457 for more info

Whats is the price ? and are pets alloud ?

3 bedroom house for rent sept 1st , two and a half bath , carport ,fenced back yard with deck, 2200 sq feet , all appliances ,gas heat, great home for family , close to schools and golf course , non smoking, references required . 950 $ for more info call jason 778-688-8457 .

small pets are considered

where is it located?

comox ave

This house will be available for veiwing shortly .

Hi I tried phoning the phone # posted and can not get through?

try putting a 1 in front of it . its long distance

Is this still available and if so we are wondering when we can view it?

The house is rented , just trying to delete this post but dont no how ! help

No need to delete it, just stop replying and it will scroll off the front page :smile: