27 pages of recommendations that may change the face of Prince Rupert’s port

If a number of recommendations from a recently completed report into the Pacific Gateway are implemented as provided, there will be some major changes to the way we trade, work and develop our Pacific ports, many of which will be of particular interest in Prince Rupert.

From a change in the nature of port bureaucracy up and down the coast, to what will be a very controversial approach to the present labour arrangements, the report will prove to be vital reading for anyone with an interest in the future of the transportation gateways of the province.

Trade Minister David Emerson has just taken possession of a three member panels recommendations into the ASIA PACIFIC GATEWAY AND CORRIDOR INITIATIVE.

It is a report that provided the Minister with over 30 different options for change in Canada’s gateways to the world and suggests that some major changes to the way we do business are required.

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