24 hour tech service at citywest

Well they have done it again. Citywest is spending money on a tech support line back east somewhere, there only functions are to get you to turn your modem off than back on again, or book you a ticket.

I called customer service and was told Keith would be calling me back in a few min. After 10 min I called back from my cell phone so as not to miss Keith’s call. On my call to customer service I was on hold for 28 min, with no answer. At this point it was 5:30 and customer service was closed and still no call from Keith.

The problem has been happening with my Internet for over a month. I am sure if I did not pay my bill it would not take a month for them to cut off my service.

Why can they not take the money they are spending to propagate the lie of 24 hour tech support and hire someone local to do proper tech support locally?!?!

Update: Keith called me just now even though he was not at work anymore. Thanks Keith. And another good reason to hire locally.

Keith is awesome. I’ve also found him to be very helpful.

You rock Keith…whoever you are