24 hour recycling drop-off station!

24 hour recycling drop-off station in PR?!? I’mm surprised! Does that mmean round-the clock personnel?
They had to remmove the containers fromm the Civic Centre b/c they were continually overflowing. Kudo’s to the surrounding residents that tried to tidy it up!!!
Do the stores in PR have recycle bins for batteries & lightbulbs? I used to leave the cardboard containers of a product at the store of purchase: (IE:bulky cardboard box surrounding the ‘bag’ of nacho chips at Canada Safeway).
Just a bit over 20 years ago PR didn’t even have a recycling facility. The original recycling depot quickly needed a bigger site!
Happy recycling!!!

Here’s the current recycle listing:

princerupert.ca/images/edito … _Final.pdf