2010 Olympic Mascots

I understand that Vancouver has a large Asian community; I was very surprised to see the 2010 mascot’s had such Japanese anime look to them; even their names are too Japanese-sounding. 

Quatchi the Sasquatch, Miga the Sea Bear, and Sumi the Thunderbird.

I don’t think they represent BC, or Canada. It would be like seeing first nations mascot’s at the Japanese Olympics … whats your take on it…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

They look like Pokemons…


Miga (The Black Fake-smiling Emo Pikachu): migamiga!!!.. migamiga!!!..

They don’t look Japanese to me.  And you’re confusing Vancouver’s large Chinese community with Japanese :wink:

Seriously, they look like they’ve been drawn in the same style as all the  Olympics and Expo mascots of the last 20 or 30 years.

I think they are also meant for an international audience not for us.  That being said, they’re all BC symbols, aren’t they?

Well for me , I do not think they are cute and you are right the names suck, should call them something the Smith Brothers or whatever. I don’t really care about the Olympics either, you are all going to pay your share. Rupert tax is just a warm up I say.

I think that once you take the time to really look into WHAT they are, and hear the story behind them, they become more acceptable. The kids LOVE them, and you know, that’s what is important!  We’ll be buying the stuffies for our kids once they arrive at our Bay.

Maybe they were designed for the Richmond crowd :wink:?

If you check out this site http://www.studentmoneymaker.com/olympic-mascots.htm they really aren’t that far off from the weird mascots of the past.