2009 scotiabank & BC SPCA paws for a cause walk

hi everyone,
just thought i would drop a quick note that the annual walk is taking place this year sunday september 13th, 2009.  registration begins at 10am.  it will be at doug kerr field.  There is prizes and activities that will follow the walk.  here are two ways to register and participate.
you can pick up a pledge sheet here at the shelter. or print one off here:
or you can create an online fundraising page here:
secure.e2rm.com/registrant/loca … Pref=en-CA
hope to see you there.  all fund raised locally stay local! Our targeted goal this year is $4000

Glad it stays local. Wouldn’t want to be supporting the pet thieves in kelowna.

Just checked the Paws for a Cause website and there are only 3 walkers registered in PR and only $295 raised so far…WHAT IS GOING ON?  I know times are tough for a lot of folks but if everyone tossed in a few dollars for each pet they have, it would go a long way to help the animals at the shelter.  All the $$ raised stays local!

The walk is this Sunday guys!!  Go to the website and make a donation…or grab your dog and join the walk!!


It is sad that there are so few people registered. I think that the negative feelings some of the community have towards the SPCA and its staff should not take away from the fundraiser. It is all about the animals, not the staff or how clean or whatever the place is. I hope for a good day and sunshine. I wanted to walk one of the shelter dogs though and was told I couldn’t as I had to take some kind of a course. Is this really true? I am WELL over 16 yrs old and pretty responsible. I’d walk my cat but she doesn’t go outside.LOL

Maybe they just haven’t updated the website? I know that two gals came by earlier this week to collect a donation for their walk, I’m sure there are others that were doing the same…

At least I hope that’s what they took my donation for :smiley:

That’s what you get for having a conflicting schedule with the KISL playoffs!

It’s either that, or the fact that participants don’t HAVE to sign up via the web - they can get the donation sheet from the shelter, print it off the web, or set up an online page…

My printers not working, and unable to get to the shelter, I work during their open our each day cept monday. So, i’ll be brining my dog and a bit of a donation :smile: better then nothing, and I’m %100 sure that we can all bring down more then $300 :smile:  I know i donated to someone else as well,

Yay to everyone that participated, I was in the walk today, and I think that the turn out was awesome :smile:
plus I guess everyone raised around $4300.00 Aprox,

  That is GREAT news Sindicat…I couldn’t make it but drove by around 1 or so and didn’t see anyone except the baseball players so thought it had not been a good turnout. Glad to hear otherwise…How many turned out this year?

Ya their was a great turn out  :smile: Their probably was a Good 30 dogs maybe a lil more :smile: Gary Coons was their again :smile: and a few other familiar faces