1991 VW diesel Jettas

I have 2 1991 (mk2) diesel Jetta’s sitting in my back yard. both are high mileage (close to 500k km), but both still run. One is a naturally aspirated 1.6L that is insured and I have been driving regulary, but now it won’t start (solenoid? battery? starter?). It was running okay, but the engine has a tick and blow by, so its not long for this world. The other has a twisted frame, but has a 1.6L turbo diesel that runs beautifully. My plan was to take the turbo engine and replace the one in the insured Jetta, but i don’t have the equipment/time. These cars are a lot of fun and get great mileage (50+ mpg) and I am sad to see them go. Asking $700 for both, make me an offer.

Both are manual, one has (currently non-functioning) a/c. Door handles need work, but the power locks are all there. Call 6246174 or pmfor more info.

have you had any offers yet?

Yep. One is gone (the turbo). I’m probably going to put a solenoid in the one that’s left and try and get some more for it. unless you want to give me $600 for it now :smile: