1988 Buick $500

1988 Buick Century
The Good- Daily driver that runs well. Everything for driving works- all lights, brakes, engine does not burn oil, heater/defroster, am/fm cassette stereo, tires ok, etc.
The Bad- Air Conditioning no longer works. Power locks don’t work properly, power windows don’t work properly.
The Ugly- some rust, paint flaking in places. One dent.

$500. Is presently insured, so test driving ok.
250 627 7809

interested but I got some bills to pay, can’t pick it up for a couple weeks. i’ll msg you when I get paid? if you still have it.


The new owner better take good care of that classic!

None of my business, but did the new owner see your ad here on HTMF?

It was sold to a girl at work. She wants it so her son won’t keep borrowing her car. There was bidding war, starting at 500, and ending at 100 …

That’s awesome!

… gonna miss that beast. Good times for sure.

Congrats on selling the trusty grey ghost, beso. :smile: