18 years in business ends tomorrow

A few of you guys have been to the Fort and saw my shop. From bringing one of the first dialup Internet connections in the north in 1996 to a heyday WISP with almost 300 customers, it’s time to call it a day. Sold out my interest and the letters go to the lawyer tomorrow.
No more “YOUR INTERNET made my soufflé go flat” phone calls ever again.
Semi-retired on my half BC Tel pension and I’ll work out of my house. Gonna specialize in teaching seniors… XP is dead and Windows 8 might as well be Linux to most people over 30. And of course the repair house calls and web services.
Had a few site owners say they signed up with me because I took care of them, and took them with me.
Got time off when I want it, a new Jeep Wrangler and my grandson’s coming to go fishing when schools out. Going to a niece’s wedding in Newfoundland in August and don’t have to worry about a shop, servers, or email problems. I already fell 100 lbs lighter!
Maybe I can even sneak thru Terrace without the kids seeing me and visit Rupert again.

It was a pleasure to meet you a few years ago. Good luck with what comes next, hopefully less headaches.

Congratulations, herbie! :smile:
Enjoy the down time!

Hey Herbie!

Enjoy semi-retirement!

Where are you going in Newfoundland this summer?

Don’t exactly know what town the wedding will be in yet. But -small world- she’s marrying a guy who’s been to my Internet cafe years ago when he was tree planting in BC.
I was shocked today, Was getting some money orders at the Credit Union and mentioned to the teller that it was my last day. A few hours later she came to the shop with a HUGE fruit basket and a Happy Retirement card signed by all the staff from Integris. Wow!

Thanks guys!

Just noticed this old thread… four months now and my first real holiday since I went to Rupert in 1996
Fantastic wedding in Kippens, next to Stephenville. Only got to see all of Port au Port and around Cornerbrook and Port au Basques. Incredible place, incredible people. Cod au gratin, moose pie, laabsters and all that. Kissed the cod, drank the screech and had a great time.
My sister held another reception in Truro for all the friends who couldn’t make it to Newfoundland so we took the ferry, saw Louisbourg and the Cabot Trail and the Bay of Fundy for the first time.
I’m snacking on some world famous Dragons Breath cheese that got buried in the fridge when we came home, from a little local cheesemaker That Dutchman we went to. Near Noels Cove where they’ve measured tides over 14 meters… holy shit.
Almost sad to be back. Don’t believe any of the shit you hear about them being poor and economically bad off - WE are. Didn’t see any town as basket-case as the ones along Hwy 16. As far as that goes, even the public waterfront in Vancouver just sucks compared to Halifax. Went for dinner here tonight and we were the only two customers the whole time we were there… that sucks…
Already miss the ocean. Didn’t swim in Nfld but my sister and all the kids did. Just stuck my arm in off the dock. Touched both oceans this summer! Actually DID something. Spectacular! as all the kids in NL say…

Don’t let any of my friends know I said this, but the west coast of Newfoundland is the best part of the province :smile:

Sounds like an awesome adventure was had, Herbie. Did you get to Gros Morne?

'fraid not, no time. We were also wary as we’re so old we get tired just looking at pictures of my niece hiking there! Had to tell her that if I want to get to the top of the mountain nowadays I climb all the way up in my Jeep and shift into 4WD.
Gotta go back and see more!
Cathy says to buy a house in Truro and we can go there lots… she loved all those old neighbourhoods. Reminded me of my Granpa’s house by Commercial Drive circa 1960.

Just enjoyed the first Christmas in years without having to take phone calls that the Internet was down or rebuild a website or server before dinner on Christmas.
And got a huge laugh that the 911’s top annoying calls were people calling 911 because their Internet or WiFi was down. We just got 911 service this year - I probably know who it was!