16-foot python on the loose

Rupert RCMP says it went missing last night, from a residence in the 100 block of 9th Ave East. “the snake is tame but may attack if frightened… it can travel at high speed, climb trees and swim…”

I have a pond… and I live on 7th. :frowning:

Note to self : IF snake is seen on road in front of me, step on gas.

16 foot long huh? Wow…


I know of another 16 foot long python.

ewww snakes are grosss… i hope they find it and kill it.

Snakes are cool. My sister has one, and it can eat shit thats like 10 times the size of its head. My old man told me about a cow-eating snake he saw in Brazil. He didn’t see it eating a cow, but the dude he was staying with ran over it with his truck, then got out and beat it to death with a stick, as he was a farmer, and didn’t not want his cows to be eaten.

Is the python’s name “Monty”? That would be neat.

A cow eating snake !?! :open_mouth: Thats a big F-ing snake!!

Must have been as big as that snake in Anaconda.

Apparently it was only a 9 foot python, that weighed 220 pounds, and ate a 15 pound rabbit for dinner yesterday.

Don’t fret… the snake was found today crawling in someone’s eavestrough.

If that thing was any bigger it would be able to eat small kids!! (if it cant

already) But who in Prince Rupert has a snake that big anyway?

zip (peek) zip

i don’t know.

it was in the dudes attic. o_O

isnt there a law against certain size snakes in canada?

nah i don’t belive so.

What about that lady in Vancouver who had one, and had to get rid of it?

Was it Because of her kids?