10 digit calling

I think rogers is going ahead with this, is citywest?

It’s province-wide.  I don’t think the carrier makes a difference.

I got stumped on this several times today… arg.

Yep.  CityWest has this as well.  It is in effect now.

I explained the 10 digit dialing thing to our staff last week, and we’re amazed that so far not one dial-up customer has called in. Not a single one.
Fishy. Something’s fishy.

The calls are still going through if you dial 7 digits, you just get a recording before it goes through. The dial-in’s are probably just taking a few seconds longer than usual?

Who uses dialup now anyhow?

You have until September 8, 2008 before you will be forced to dial the 10 digits - for now there is just the recording before they put your call through.

Everyone more than 3 load coils past the Central Office and everyone in a ‘gingerbread house’ with 100ft trees growing right up to the front porch. You’d be surprised at the number of people who move to BC and one of it’s premier lakes and can’t see it or the mountains.  :confused:

they won’t put our calls through here.

Sure they will.
You just have to wait.  :smiley: