$10 Billion Oil Refinery Announced for Prince Rupert

globalnews.ca/news/1385439/10-bi … rth-coast/

HAH! you couldnt even build a pellet storage facility there without an inordinate amount of bitching… an oil refinery? ok. Prince Rupert is a business deadzone.

This might be a good opportunity for those who want to sell their houses near that pellet plant!

Well this should be a topic that htmf can get its teeth into.

It involves, oil, pipelines and whoa… Christy Clark!


This is just what many of us did not wish to hear or see , if they do not want it in Kitmat why do we get it , must be a lot of money being dealt or handed out to the people of the land {First Nations } . Our MLA has us all guessing where she maybe . I can only smell disaster further down the line and there is nothing our children will be able to do about it . Harper and his henchmen are looking pretty and Clark is in the same bed .