Zune verse ipod

I hate ipods!
Anyone know anything about this Zune coming out, same size same look as the ipod, but its 30 gigs and plays video? price 300$

The iPod plays video right now.  iPod plays video, also has 30 gig drive.

$399 is the quoted price for Zune (in US dollars).  That’s more than the price of last year’s 60 gig video ipod.  The 30 gig is even cheaper.  So you’ll be paying more for a Zune that has less features than an iPod.

Buy a Zune when it comes out, and it won’t play video, because that’s a feature that’s “not finished yet.”

All the previews of the Zune I’ve read say it’s bigger, chunkier, heavier, and the interface sucks.  Cheap plastic, etc.  The “wheel” doesn’t even work like a wheel either.  And good luck with musicmatchjukeboxwindowsmedia bullshit you’ll have to use to connect to Zune.  You’ll be locked into DRM hell.

It’s just Microsoft’s way – buggy, ugly products that annoy the hell out of their “partners.”  All these companies that bought into “playsforsure” are screwed now, as Microsoft will abandon that.

Why do you hate iPods?  What’s better?  Why? 

His reason for ipod sucking is because he can’t simply figur out a toy that a 3 year old kid can figure out.

My ipod ( green ipod mini )  has been through hell ( altho not intentionaly ) it works perfect every time…  I To  have heard of these wanna be-ipods and they suck. Itunes all the way for me for my ipod.

I think yngwie just wants to start another stupid topic to have better forum stats.

Agreed :smiley: