Hi guys,

I’m soooooooooo addicted to Zuma, does anyone have another tip for nice games? For me that is, I like the simple and blond stuff :wink: like supercollapse…

U kan Nederlands hier spreken. Begrijpen wij.

I think thats correct? : )

It’s pretty sad, that my friend went to Holland for a year and the only thing she taught me to say was “Ik ben hoornen.” - although that’s not the way she said it, that’s the way it translated.

How much did she learn? The languages seem pretty similar.

She can speak it fluently still… and she’s been gone from there for 4 years now. The languages are similar sounding… there’s lots that I would have no idea what it meant, but living with a Dutch family and having everyone around you speak it, including the very small children, puts you in the position of learning it very fast. She said she was able to speak entire conversations with her host family in less than 2 months.

I wish my french classes in elementary and high school were like that. I took french for 6 years and came out knowing the vocabulary of a 3 year old. To this day I can only say hello, goodbye, tell someone my name and ask them theirs and how they are doing, and also recognise certain colours, items, and foods. Any lil kid can figure that out.

I guess the languages are pretty similar here but I was born and raised in the netherlands and besides dutch I only speak german and english fluently. I don’t understand a word of spanish or italian, my french is pretty terrible…
But nobody answered my question, is anyone else a Zuma-addict? And what other games do you play?
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I play a few online shooting/action games, I’m not an addict though.

I thought Zuma was a drink? Or is that Zima?

a drink? lol not in this country
you should look up zuma on the net, it’s a great game, you can play it on pogo.com too but that’s the cheap version of it…