Anyone try Zudeo by Azureus yet (still in Beta)?  Looks interesting and I’m very looking forward to seeing the BBC content.  Hopefully other channels will follow suit.

If I can get legal versions of The show Red Dwarf for free through them I am all in. If I have to suffer DRM’ed content I will simply Get the dvd’s at least that can be removed to put it on a portable media device. Sounds like all the other online services who are doing things backwards. The key of digital media is making content simpler to access and more portable than old media. The paperback has not died because no technology beats a book in paperback form. Easy to move and the best medium to move the information with. The low tech solution works. CD’s Still offer the best quality while still retaining maximum portability(we each probably have access to at least 3 cd players) They will be around a while still. Mp3’s are low quality but extremely portable. Unless the new format beats the old format in some way the old format will stay for a longtime. Unless litigation makes it go away!

Zudeo has been renamed vuze, still all by Azureus.  They are now listing content from the BBC and    A & E.


Some shows are free others cost (from a dollar to two dollars).