Yuwie - Get Payed to Internet!?!

Does anybody remember AllAdvantage.com?  I do!  I got payed a cool $45 in one month.  Nice!

Here’s another site.  It’s like Myspace, where you do all the same Myspace type of stuff, except you get credit for every time you edit your account (eg post a blog, upload a picture, add friends, etc).  For every 1000 little things that you do (this adds up quickly), you get a cut of the advertisers payments.

So basically, for all of those who spend a lot of time doing the internet (eg. Facebook, HTMF), this is an opportunity to maybe make a couple bucks…  And since it has very recently been released, you can try to get in on the action early.

I’m going to give it a haphazardly attempt, see what comes of it.

If you’re interested, give some kind of click in this direction HERE

You suck at the Internet.


Agreed.  Spam. :imp:

Chucky is trying out pyramidal schemes!!    Let me know your site and I’ll visit so you can make money.

Actually, a bunch of us should sign up and visit each other’s pages daily to make money.

In an effort to decrease the Homeless population in Budapest, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany has set forth plans to equip the MTV Building with Pentium 200Mhz computers and employ the homeless to click, Click, CLICK!