YouTube, instrument of Big Oil?

Urgh, look what they’ve done our YouTube, it’s been discovered by the Oil Companies!!!

Petro Canada explains it’s ever increasing price of gasoline for the great unwashed of the internet, with these “informative blurbs” via the You Tube portal.

There goes the video revolution! :cry:

So now they’ll be bringing Progaganda unto us to make us rethink our views towards the Oil Companies (unless any of you are connected to them somehow). I hope the Corporations don’t take advantage of us and the users  :astonished:

Anyone who believes the shit that comes out of their mouths deserves the ass raping at the gas pumps.

I’m sure Rupert Murdock, the owner of the site, wouldn’t screw us — would he?

I think you’re confusing youtube with myspace.

Myspace is owned by News Corporation.  Youtube isn’t.

you keepa youtube away from myspace you nasty man

Absolutely right… I do that sometimes now that I’m older … not that I’m that old mind you … never mind…

Speaking of…