Youthful Entertainment or just Fight-Happy? :(

Makes one wonder not what comes out of the fight, but what the teen becomes when they reach adulthood.

I imagine the RCMP might be interested in chatting with tonydanielnelson about his collection of Prince Rupert fights, might be helpful in contacting some of the parents involved.

I imagine the RCMP might be interested in chatting with tonydanielnelson about his collection of Prince Rupert fights…[/quote]

You saw that too, I see.

Well, allthough it seems like some of the shots were cheap, and the video wanted to make me vomit, it does seem like they have come up with a mercy rule, and the boy in the blue shirt was able to “give up”.  No one was ganging up on him (except maybe verbally), and neither one really seemed all that hurt in the end.

This sort of thing has been going on forever, and will go on forever. Just before, it wasn’t common for kids to have the ability to record it and post it online.

I don’t agree with what’s happening in the video, but overall, it’s not really horrible.  That being said, these kids, if they like to fight, should get into some martial arts and learn some real fighting with discipline.

It’s like a mini-UFC.  :frowning:

One of them needs to fight mini me. He may have a height advantage though.

I don’t even think there is an explanation. It is pathetic, and childish. I am quite disappointed to see one individual in there, as I had hoped he was a bit more mature than that.

punches to the back of the head and stomps to the face…I hope they were wearing a mouthguards at the very least.  I hear about these all the time (i even see pictures brought in to me) - although usually not from such young kids.  I’m very disappointed.

There are two places in town to practice MMA.  NCMMA (next to entire auto in the alley) and at the civic center.  There are funding programs available for those who cannot afford it, albeit most are for first nations persons. 

If the kids in the video want to learn to fight for real (not just a series of cheap shots) they should go to a class and learn some proper technique.

monkey see monkey do ha ha ha

  how mini are you…

Who cares, this is nothing.  I remember fighting in highschool… but we never had digital camera’s to record it…

Thats gone for awhile, out of funding

I see the video has been removed…what was the fight over anyways?

He haven’t removed the other fight video.


He haven’t removed the other fight video.

I downloaded both videos before making my original post.  I somehow had that hunch, that the uploader would be removing it.[/quote]

The kid in the video that was doing the whuping is a bad bad kid. he has not family life and i wish he could get on the right track instead of the one he is on.

Curfews and boot camp.

Electric shock collar.

Do we have a big brother/big sister program in town?

I’m just thinking something like that would be a good idea here.

Are you suggesting cameras? That is a great idea!lol