Youth Suicide

Very sad to say that there has been 2 more youth suicides in PR…my heartfelt condolances go out to both the families…

How sure are you with this story ? If it for real then I am very sorry and very angry at this point. We have lost so many of our future resources to this problem and I must blame the social system for not addressing what is going on with our youth. I was at a meeting months ago and all these so-called players came up with stuff but as usual after the meeting everyone goes back to their desks or corners and do shit.

Very sure… I wouldn’t post it otherwise. Although I did have second thoughts about posting it. More needs to be done to reach out to our youth. This is so hard to write because my family has also been touched by suicide. Thinking that not enough was done to help the person…second guessing every talk/comments made…What could we have done or changed to help them…but it’s to late, very sad and hard to believe…
does anyone know of any services that are offered in the PR area?
thanks for your reply…

Well as I was saying in my earlier post , these individuals stood around this room and even the mayor gave some bullshit speech in reference to the issue at hand. But as I said they leave the meeting and go back to office or corner and do shit. We have a so-called suicide prevention commitee in The Rinse but . I have been in this field far too long and I have seen so many suicides being swept under the carpet . Too many memorials and funerals where everything that is spoken builds the individual up but no one has the balls to say it must stop. I am angry because everyone in this town is territorial all the time. Friendship House does their thing , CES is doing their thing , who the hell knows what the Ministry of Social Services is doing where the hell is mental health in all this. I must stop because it just pisses me of. Sorry.

My condolences to the friends and family <3

Your anger does not come across as genuine (or is it just be me?). Since you attended the meeting and have been “in this field far too long” are you not one of these “individuals” who has gone back to their desk and ignored the problem? Where do you fit into all of this as you seem to wash your hands of it? I have personally never been touched by this subject but agree it is a sad situation.

I have been associated with this field of work for well over twenty years, never really had an office nor a desk. I was employed for sixteen years and the ministry cut funding in very important areas. I have and still volunteer my time with youth who choose to open up or just want someone to listen. I will say that my anger is very real and I will still give of myself with people who are very serious in regards to the issues and not into building their little empires. People must realize that this is a global , multicultural problem and you can continue adding to the port with all the big dollars but till we address these social issues , we have no reason to hold our heads up high.

JustinCase, you have a tendency to always say “nothing is done, where are the resources?” If you’ve been on the street and doing this for a while, you should know that there ARE resources out there. Seeing as I have accessed them in the past. The problem is not lack of the city doing things. I really hate to say it, but society has become a place where we don’t TALK to the people we call friends. We don’t connect, we just sit around and drink, or watch mindless TV shows like Jersey shore. This problem doesn’t stop at the civic level. Suicides happen because people don’t see the struggle, people don’t ask what is wrong, or genuinely say “how is your day today”. Just because someone has a smile pasted on their face that day, doesn’t mean they’re genuinely happy. No one bothers to find out, they just go along on their merry way and live THEIR lives.

Sometimes, it just takes ONE person to care. One person. Just one. To be genuine, and give a damn!
Not on a forum, but right to that person!

You want to make sure the youth are okay? Get out there and BE IN THEIR LIVES!

Buba , yes I agree with you in certain areas. The resources are there yes , but most or all are nine to five . I believe that I have listened and chatted with more people in the past twenty years then I ever imagined that I would when I left Booth to start a street program. There must be mental health workers out there on the streets , there must be nurses , D & A workers , there must be outreach workers available out there. We must ask the youth to sitdown and attend mtgs. that the so-called resources attend ( Socials). It is a sad day when I have to go elsewhere to apply my work such as Ont. But my heart and love will always be a part of Prince Rupert and its out lying areas .

I knew one of the two people that have left us, I went to Charles Hays with him.

He was the only person that was my friend in Paling’s math class.