Youth Council (Haunted House, General Meetings)

As you know the Youth Council holds the Haunted house every year in the Civic Center, and this year we are in DIRE.
Yes. DIRE. Need of volunteers, Bodies just people to help out on Halloween and the Monday before to help set up.

We’d really appreciate all the volunteers we could get, it would be really wonderful for the younger youth in the City. If you want to help out contact Treena Decker, or probably the easiest Email me  at.

I’ll tell you all the Goods and all the Fun stuff there, and I’d really love it because I’ve never gone to the Haunted house amazement if we could make it the best year yet. =D


Youth Council needs members, If you or someone you know would like to help out in the City, we do all sorts of fun stuff we Meet every Wednesday at the College at Five O’clock. It’s in the Right hand building the first room I’m usually there, so is Elisha Seabrooke and Treena Decker.

Cool Beans.


P.S Just incase you forgot, Email me at I’ll Hook you up. It’s really Important . Yay =D

Oh I love Halloween. I just opened a gallery and now have my first image there…

hankaspanka what are you going to dress up as for halloween?

That would depend, SA. I was in Northern Drugs [shoppers] yesterday and saw two extremely awesome pieces of head-gear. When worn, there would be absolutely no way of detecting the insider, if you know what I mean. However, my hands and feet would be two easy things that would give me away. I could probably borrow a pair of gloves from my dad which would solve the hands issue. Do you think you can borrow me a pair of your, how we say here, cloddhoppers? (hehe)

What are you going as, hmmm…?

I’m scary lookin enough already.  People often tell me on halloween to take off my mask when I’m not wearing one  :unamused:

I’ll trade you a pair of my shoes for a pair of light up ones!  I can’t find them online anywhere :frowning:

Oh NO!  I thought you would have found and purchased a pair by now.  I asked my friend in Arizona if he would be able to get me two pair for my friends here, and he thought I was joking.  (I think I told you that he really hates them, right?)  I’ll ask him again.  What size did you need?  I forgot.  Was it 14?  14 1/2?  shrugs

14?  Holy man I’m not Ronald McDonald!  Mens 9.5 usually works.