Your land line is almost a museum piece

Your home phone, once the mainstay of our communication needs and our lifeline to the outside world, is quickly becoming the orphan of communication devices, quietly resting on a favourite table or tethered to a wall, rarely engaged and for the most part all but forgotten in today’s rush for electronic devices…

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Here’s some irony for you:

Citywest said that you can’t “port” your existing phone number to another carrier because, according to their response to the CRTC, Citywest employees just didn’t know how to do porting, and there were complex issues about software, etc.

Then… Citywest launches “home phone” service outside of Rupert (Terrace, Kitimat, Smithers, Port Edward) and as one of the features of the new service, they offer to “port” your existing number to Citywest.

I guess they’ve figured out how porting works! I wonder if that now means you can port your Citywest numbers to another carrier as well? Or is this one-way only?