Young Family in need of HouseHold Items!

A young mother and her 2 daughters are in need of household items ~furniture items, Kitchen items, and bedroom items. They have noting as of now and are in very need of help.

Just merged two households and have stuff we could part with at no cost - entertainment unit, microwave, coffee tables, couch. PM me for info and we can set something up

Just wanted to mention the young mother and her 2 daughters are in very much need of house hold items as they have nothing, in need of beds, kitchen items and furniture. She has tried the Women’s shelter, Salvation Army and the Friendship House and they were un able to help her family out. You can give me a call and I can pass you the number were she can be contacted or if it will fit in my van I can pick up and drop off for them. My number is 250-627-4PAM (4726) ~Pam.

Hard to believe not one of those organizations would assist her . I know the Sally Ann makes up “starter kits” for people moving to new residences and they always have all the essentials, except for beds, for a start up household. What was the reason? It appears by the initial post that they have been in need since early Nov. so that is very strange that no one would help ! What about KAPS?