You would think

odd to find no data on rainfall in prince rupert… … 6/cabc0236

The Cup they use to measure the rainfall, is over flowing, they can’t tell how much rain we’ve had anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

  LOL  :smiley:  Lots and lots more and soon to be, LOTS  !!

at one time there was a rain monitoring station at the airport and on top of mount hays … if my memory serves me that was about 8 years ago.

"Prince Rupert is  the cloudiest place in Canada with 255 days a year, and is the wettest city with a total annual precipitation of 2552mm. " … rupert.htm

That’s merely 8.37 feet of ‘sunset soda’   :smiley:

Local weather station with monthly and yearly stats from the top of City Hall.

Maybe the airport one was part of the package deal with the fire engine they just sold?