You Know You're Screwed


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No now we’re screwed.

edit: shitty chop sorry :wink:

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LMAO :smiley:



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And another:

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When you get a speeding ticket, been driving for 32 years, was speeding on highway 16.

Just curious does anyone know if it is worth it to dispute? this is my first time, speeding and
did not even get a warning, first time in 32 years of driving and got a $138.00 TICKET.

    I DRIVE A 2007 F150 F150 supercrew truck, wonder if he just gave me the ticket because he knows I have money?

  I figured I had a good driving record, that i’d get a warning,  Now I am talking myself into disputing it, I deserve a break…

Can’t hurt to dispute it.

Then just pay!

I am sure you wouldn’t dispute


Although if you’re going to dispute it, do whatever you want, but good track record or not you were speeding mister. >=

If you pay early, you get a discount.

Now you know where all the cops are when the windows are being broken on Prince Rupert shops – they’re busy giving out tickets.

Yep.  I got nailed for a rolling stop at the corner by Roosevelt School.  I paid early and saved 30 bucks.  Now I do a 4-5 second count at most stop signs. :smiley:

I used to see cops doing rolling stops by Pa’s Market all the time at night.

Don’t you know, police are above the law? :unamused:

I’ve seen the odd one using lights to make Timmy Ho’s b4 they closed.  Dumbasses!

I’ve seen the odd one smoking pot… just because they’re a cop doesnt mean they’re intelligent.

Stoner cops?  That’s a new one on me! :smiley:

not new to me.  the drug awareness cop in courtney overdosed on cocaine and heroin in 2000

You gotta be kidding eh? Drug awareness cop shooting speedballs? Thats priceless!